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Learn Korean Painting online

We are opening a new edition of online Korean painting class


Via our online class, you can improve your concentration and open your to the different cultures and painting skills at home. You will learn the basic drawing skills such as how to use Korean materials, practicing how to hold a brush, and draw basic lines. You will also learn basic colour skills in order to create beautiful Korean traditional paintings, what we call "Minhwa". 

Minhwa is Korean Folk Art, using gorgeous colours and decorative patterns for embellishing interior of the house from the past in Korea. There are different meanings in each item of paintings so you will have fun to know the stories of Minhwa with learning painting skills. 


Sumukhwa is a painting technique consisting of using only one color: Indian or Chinese ink and water. We are going to paint the plants with this Sumukhwa technique. In this class, we will learn how to draw four plants and characteristic oriental paintings.

The course is consist of 20 times of online live class via zoom. 10 times of black Sumukhwa by Kelly and 10 times of Minhwa painting by Yeun. All the classes are interconnected so you can not take only one class.  



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Our class price is 20 euros per one time. Painting materials are not included in the price so you should prepare your own materials or buy the materials in our shop. We will guide you what kinds of materials you need and recommend an online shop where you can buy the materials. 

We will also provide class materials such as Minhwa sketches which you can print out at home and short description of Korean Painting skills. We will send you email every time before the class. 

Please check out the details of the curriculum in the curriculum page.


You can register by sending email here :




If you want to buy our painting materials, either you can pick up at Delft on Saturdays or receive it by postNL .

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