We are Studio K&Y
Kelly Jang

I am Kelly Jang, an ink painting teacher.

I majored in Oriental Painting in Korea, and I work as a self-employed artist with 17 times solo exhibitions in Korea and Europe. I studied oriental painting and philosophy in a Ph.D. program and wrote two books of the thesis. 

Currently, I work at Pier K in Het Cultuurgebouw and I hope that the meaning and expression of beautiful Korean paintings can be conveyed to everyone through this class. You can check out more about me here

Yeun Kim

I am Yeun Kim, a Minwha painting teacher.


I majored in Oriental Painting at Ewha Womans university in Korea, and I came here to the Netherlands to experience a different culture and study different things.

I work as a freelance art teacher and a designer based in Korea and Europe. Currently running a Korean Painting Studio, Studio yen at yoga Delft and providing painting workshops and classes online and offline. See my Korean Painting Studio Story here at Het:madang.

What we do

Studio K&Y started in 2021. Studio K&Y is a collaboration with Kelly Jang and Yeun Kim from Studio Yen. We are based in Amsterdam and Delft in the Netherlands. 


We aim to give a high-quality painting class to many people in Europe. Our mission is to promote the beauty of traditional Korean painting and the philosophy which embedded in Korean painting over the world. In Korean traditional painting, people learn the techniques of painting and the aesthetics of slowness and a way of emptying your mind and concentrating.

We offer online and offline Korean painting courses. Our course is open to everyone. Online course is available in September and February. Offline courses are held at Delft and Amsterdam every week. You can find details of the curriculum on the curriculum page. In the class, you learn Korean painting skills along with theories and histories of Korean painting. You will complete traditional Korean paintings during the course. The finished painting can beautifully decorate your house.
We offer calligraphy, seal carving, freehand drawing, and premium Korean painting classes. Classes are also open to companies and cultural organisations. Please send me an email separately if you want a group class and a customised curriculum other than the set curriculum.

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